About OKR Cohort

OKR enthusiasts who came together to bring other OKR people together and have collaborative conversations to leverage the framework.

OKR Cohort Mission

Collectively enable everyone to be relentlessly focused on outcomes through OKRs

Why does OKR Cohort exist?

Association to collectively enable organizations to align their business goals through OKRs.
Ability to bridge strategy to execution.
Translation of strategy into action.
OKRs are used to achieve the desired outcomes through common goals, shared commitments, and clear accountability

OKR Cohort Vision

Enable anyone to transparently align and achieve the desired outcomes in their strategy

Outcome mindset
Business can achieve their outcomes with true value driven output
Business can achieve their strategy
Can have ability to bridge their strategy and get closer to the work
Value driven outputs
Bring strategy closer to work
Shared commitment

OKR Cohort Values

  1. Enable organizations to be transparent so everyone is aligned to the purpose
  2. Drive inspiration for organization to align their people through outcome focused connection
  3. Ensuring organizations work on the right thing at the right time with the right people through prioritization
  4. Empower people to say yes, no or maybe later through data-based decisions with aligned ORKs
  5. Collectively, as a community, strive to build outcome mindsets in every organization.

Our Objectives

Objective 1

Become the recognized experts on OKRs

Objective 2

Foster OKR expertise

Objective 3

Connect OKR enthusiasts to drive outcome focus