Course Length: 4 hours

Become the go to person for outcome-based thinking through OKRs in your area of focus!

The OKR Cohort OKR Practitioner Certification will prepare you to master using OKRs. In this session you will dive deep into how to articulate, craft, and manifest a purpose and vision supported with well-defined outcomes around your strategy. You will be introduced to the Objectives and Key Results framework and walk you through how to write meaningful OKRs, put measures in place to track success and anchor outcomes to your strategy.
The Practitioner certification is intended for individuals who are looking to increase their confidence in building outcome focused OKRs, articulate the value of OKRs, and transform their knowledge into action. With this certification you will position yourself as an OKR guru who has the ability to adopt the OKR framework. Certification Topics:
OKR framework fundamentals
Objective’s overview and creation practice
Key Results definition and creation practice
OKR vertical and horizontal alignment
Basics on operationalizing OKRs

Who should get OKR Practitioner Certified? Leaders and team members who are looking to grow their OKR knowledge. The course will prepare you for the OKR Practitioner Certification exam and advanced OKR certifications.